About This Blog

Theology for Real Life is exactly what it sounds like. All of our posts fall under two categories:

  1. Posts about some area of theology. These posts explore biblical truth in a way that shows its relevance to the everyday lives of ordinary people. We believe that God’s truth is intensely practical, speaking to every aspect of the human experience. These posts are an attempt to help our readers understand what God has said and why it matters.
  2. Posts about some aspect of our culture. Sometimes these posts will focus on a popular movie, song, or novel. Sometimes they will explore a cultural trend or assumption. The purpose of these posts is to examine some aspect of our culture in light of a Christian worldview. Once again, God’s truth speaks to every area of our existence. Therefore we believe that the Bible gives us the tools necessary to evaluate anything and everything we encounter from a Christian perspective.

Our contributors are all faculty members at Eternity Bible College. We are convinced that theology is inherently practical, and that the Bible provides answers for all of life. We invite you to join us in thinking through practically everything under the sun from a Christian perspective. We welcome comments, questions, disagreements, and all (cordial) forms of dialogue about the (sometimes controversial) issues we explore.

Please note: The purpose of this blog is to promote dialogue and to encourage our readers to think through various issues. The views that our contributors share in their posts do not always reflect the views of Eternity Bible College or our supporting churches.

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