Houston…We Have a Problem
Current research shows that younger generations are departing from the church at an alarming rate. Not surprisingly, the same studies reveal an increasing belief that the Bible is outdated and has little bearing on real life. 

To continue on the current course and expect a different outcome would be foolish. This problem isn’t going to fix itself. We need change. We need to challenge the status quo.

Unleashing the Fullness of the Gospel 
Jesus is King over all creation, which means there’s no part of this world that isn’t under his authority. This is good news, which should significantly impact and give purpose to every part of our lives! Our career, our family, our education — the Gospel speaks to all aspects of society and impacts everything we say and do.  

Changing the status quo means breaking the current trajectory. It means teaching the Bible in such a way that it no longer feels outdated or irrelevant. It means giving people a vision for the world-changing power of the Gospel, and inviting them to take their place in making it known to all. 

As huge and all-encompassing as this is, changing the status quo begins with the heart. It begins with a passionate love of Jesus that is stoked up and shared with others. Even the most engaging and relevant Bible teaching will fall short if we forget our first love. Biblical education must go beyond the transfer of information to a type of learning that results in transformed hearts and transformed communities. 

Intentionality is Key
There are more Bible resources available now than in any point in history, and yet Biblical literacy is heading in the wrong direction. It’s not sufficient to hope that people will find the right tools and figure things out for themselves.  What we need is an approach to learning that is comprehensive and intentional. Just look the way Jesus taught his disciples, or the years Paul spent training after his conversion. This doesn’t mean college for everyone, but it does mean taking the time for in-depth and intentional Bible training.   

This is why Eternity was started. This is what we do. God is already using us to provide in-depth, intentional educational resources to students and organizations around the world, but there’s much more work to be done.  

Help us continue to change the status quo. We’re trying to raise $150,000 this year so we can make our training available to more students around the world. Your gift will help us fund our new scholarships for under-resourced students, and develop new teaching resources to make biblical education accessible around the world.  

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Spencer MacCuish served on staff (summers) at Hume Lake Christian Camps from 1991-98. During that time (1995-99), he also worked in the public school system where he taught English / History and coached volleyball. While teaching, he also served in the College Ministry at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita. In 1999, he left teaching to lead the High School Ministry at the same church. He shepherded this ministry for three years before coming to Cornerstone. He has been serving at Eternity since 2003.