Recently, a friend asked if it was hard to find people to partner with Eternity financially. He explained that most of his friends had to pay off their own college educations, and they likely believe our students should do the same. He also observed that today’s donors are less enthusiastic about giving to further an institution. On top of all that, it must be particularly difficult for a small school like Eternity since we don’t have a department dedicated to courting donations from alumni or buildings to name after our most generous donors.

I get that line of questioning a lot, which is great because it sets me up to share why I do what I do. If my goal was simply to run an affordable college, then his concern would be legitimate and I should probably start drawing up plans for the Your-Name-Goes-Here Auditorium. But my goal isn’t to advance an institution, it’s to advance the gospel. That’s why we’ve developed one of the most in-depth Bible curriculums around, and that’s also why we’re committed to offering our training debt-free. By removing educational debt from the equation, we’ve removed one of the biggest obstacles to gospel work around the world.

In other words, our financial partners aren’t just giving to a college, they’re helping us train disciple-makers who are free to follow God’s call wherever He leads.

The Class of 2018
In a few weeks we’ll be gathering in Simi Valley to celebrate our 2018 graduates. Just a quick look at some of our graduates shows exactly what I’m talking about:

  • One graduate completed his degree while serving as a missionary in Japan.
  • One graduate is working at a church and serving at-risk youth in Ohio.
  • One graduate is preparing to serve in Central Asia.
  • One graduate will be serving displaced people in a closed Islamic country.
  • One family is preparing for missions work in Southeast Asia where they’ll work with an unreached and underserved community.
  • Two local graduates are profoundly impacting their churches here in Southern California.

This list is incomplete. I could go on about the other church planters, youth workers, and disciple-makers we’re producing, but I wanted you to see the range of impact our students are making. These students have been greatly blessed by the generosity of our partners, but the blessing doesn’t stop with them, it’s extended to the churches and communities these students are serving all around the world! That’s why we do what we do.

We’re continuing our Spring fundraiser, and I’m hoping you’ll consider giving towards our $50,000 goal by the end of May. Another incredible way to help is to create awareness about Eternity by sharing this email with your friends and family. Thanks again for your prayers and partnership! Give today at