Jenn is an Eternity grad who has served in the Middle East and is currently doing ministry with her family in Poland. Due to the nature of their work overseas, certain details have been withheld.

Nearly 15 years ago my life was dramatically transformed by Christ and nothing has been the same since. Soon after becoming a Christian, I discovered that Eternity Bible College was opening up just a short drive from my house. So I enrolled, expecting to learn and expecting to be challenged. What I never anticipated was that this decision would put me on a path that lead through war-torn Iraq, and ultimately to Poland where I currently serve with my husband and two children.

I signed up for an education, what I received was so much more. I was mentored and discipled by fellow students and staff who had been transformed by God’s incredible love and lived every aspect of their lives as a response to that love. The more I learned to study God’s Word, the more I grew in my relationship with Jesus. And the more I learned about God’s love for the world, the more I felt called to take up my part in making this great love known.

Love in action

I began to learn more and more about tribes and people groups who have no scripture available to them and no way of hearing about Jesus. I knew that I had to go and tell them. I felt inadequate for the task, and of course I am, but we have Christ in us who is able to do more than we can possibly hope for or imagine.  All of us are completely inadequate in ourselves, but God is so amazingly good and patient that He still chooses to use us.

After graduating from EBC I served in Iraq for nearly 4 years. During that time I was able to share the gospel and see God’s love touch Muslims, Yezidis and cultural Christians. I was able to witness God reveal Himself to people through dreams and visions, and I was fortunate enough to disciple several women during my time there. Today, my family lives in central Poland, where we are discipling men and women and witnessing the beginnings of a church-planting movement.

We rejoice in the fact that one day people from every tribe, tongue and nation will worship before the throne and before the Lamb.  Although we are so many miles away we think frequently about the day that we will be together in glory and praise the one who saved us.

We appreciate your prayers, and are thankful for your partnership with Eternity Bible College. We continue to praise God for the fact that he is at work all over the world, and that God has chosen to send so many students from this small college to reach people in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and throughout the Americas.