I want to share a brief and simple thought that helps me worship. Many centuries ago, Augustine wrote (as a prayer to God):

No part of your creation ever ceases to resound in praise of you. Man turns his lips to you in prayer and his spirit praises you. Animals too and lifeless things as well praise you through the lips of all who give them thought. For our souls lean for support upon the things which you have created, so that we may be lifted up to you from our weakness and use them to help us on our way to you who made them all so wonderfully. And in you we are remade and find true strength. (Confessions, Book V, Chapter 1)

I have written a lot about busyness lately (here, here, or less recently, here) because my current life situation is revealing the urgency of the topic. In the midst of a busy schedule, how do I find time for important things, like worship?

Augustine reminds us that creation is always praising. We may be too self or schedule focused to consciously praise God, but creation is worshiping God all around us at every moment. We do need to take the time to worship God, but I find it helpful when Augustine says that animals and lifeless things praise God through the lips of those who think about them.

In other words, look at the world around you, and voice creation’s praise. Put into words the God-exalting realities you see all around you.

You can worship God by singing in a church building, but you can also worship God by marveling at a bird in flight, or pondering the human respiratory system, or paying attention to a cloud formation. Praise is all around us, we only have to speak it. To acknowledge it. To confess it to the God whose praise it has been voicelessly screaming.

Augustine says that these things lift us up to God. He is the source and the true end or purpose of all things, after all. They point to him. Do you want God in your daily schedule? Simply look at anything. Give something some thought. Think about anything at all until you can trace it to God.

God is all around you. Everything is constantly praising him. We just need to be reminded to join in. To say on behalf of the silent creation that which it longs to say to God.

And when we do this and our thoughts are lifted to God, Augustine says that we will be remade and strengthened in him.

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Mark Beuving currently serves as Associate Pastor at Creekside Church in Rocklin, CA. Prior to going back into pastoral ministry, Mark spent ten years on staff at Eternity Bible College as a Campus Pastor, Dean of Students, and then Associate Professor. Mark now teaches online adjunct for Eternity. He is passionate about building up the body of Christ, training future leaders for the Church, and writing. Though he is interested in many areas of theology and philosophy, Mark is most fascinated with practical theology and exploring the many ways in which the Bible can speak to and transform our world. He is the author of "Resonate: Enjoying God's Gift of Music" and the co-author with Francis Chan of "Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples." Mark lives in Rocklin with his wife and two daughters.