JahillI’ll never forget the day that I met Jahill Richards. Joy just oozed out of him. God’s transforming work was abundantly evident. I was at a Desiring God conference representing Eternity Bible College. Jahill came to talk to us because he was looking for biblical education that met him where he was and focused on teaching the Bible. I asked him to tell me his story, and I was then blessed by one of the most incredible stories of God’s power to redeem. I remember standing there with tears streaming down my cheeks being blown away by the grace and love of God.

That was four years ago. Since then Jahill has been a distance education student at Eternity. We recently had him share his testimony at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley and so you are now blessed to be able to hear it for yourself as well. If you need to be reminded and encouraged about the power of the Gospel and the far-reaching nature of God’s mercy and love, you need to watch this now.

Jahill’s story highlights two of our great passions at Eternity Bible College. First, we believe that biblical education should be life-transforming not just knowledge-giving. True knowledge results in a changed life. Second, we believe that a biblical education should be accessible to all who desire it. This means being affordable and also being geographically accessible. Jahill has been able to embark on a degree while staying in his context and continuing to minister and serve. That is the heart of Eternity.

For more information: Jubilee Urban Leadership Initiative, The Front Porch