I’m thrilled to announce that Touch Nepal is now live! This ministry has been years in the making and it’s finally here. And I’m incredibly stoked to be a part of this ministry.

What is Touch Nepal? Here’s a short history.

Touch Nepal is a ministry led by myself, Mark Avery, and Adam Finlay (members of Anthem Church in Thousand Oaks) and we seek to nepal 1support indigenous (native) pastors and ministries in Nepal. We want to see the kingdom of God go forth in this predominately Hindu nation.

Our heart for Touch Nepal first started to beat back in 2005, when Adam took a YWAM trip to Nepal and met a couple Nepalese pastors—the same ones we now support. A couple years later, Adam went back to Nepal with several others from his church, including his pastor Mark Avery. After this second trip, Mark, Adam, and others continued to support these ministries through prayer, encouragement, and financial gifts.

I first met Mark and Adam in the Fall of 2012 and my heart was instantly kindled for what God was doing in Nepal. So in January 2013, we took another trip to Nepal to visit the ministries we have been supporting. During this third trip, God opened our eyes to the many grinding needs that the young Nepalese church has. As we visited ministry after ministry, church after church, we saw the same thing: miraculous conversions, contagious zeal—and lack of leadership.

The problem is not that there was a lack of able leaders, but that these leaders lacked either the theological training or financial means to be released to shepherd the church. We also were encouraged, perhaps discouraged, by the comically small percentage of financial help these leaders need to further the kingdom. Some pastors, for instance, make no more than $50 a month. A 25% increase in salary could enable them to share the gospel and raise up disciples in twice as many villages. $5,000 could help rebuild a crumbling sanctuary packed full of converts from Hinduism. A little help goes a very long way in Nepal.

Touch Nepal is committed to running as efficiently as possible. Our passion is to see all donations contribute to the growth of the gospel in Nepal. Therefore, none of us takes an ounce of salary from your donations. We all have full-time jobs. We will never spend your money on attending conferences, buying office supplies, or working lunches (“I’ll take my steak medium-rare, thank you”). We won’t spend your money on us. We’ll spend it on Nepalese ministries. While every ministry has some operational expenses, such as wiring fees and website costs, we are committed to using all donations for the direct advancement of the kingdom of God in Nepal.

That’s Touch Nepal. We support indigenous ministries to further the kingdom of Christ in this Hindu nation. Find out more at www.touchnepal.org.

But before you go, please watch this video. It’ll put dirt under your nails. And if you desire to partner with us in this ministry, please visit our website.