The purpose statement for Eternity Bible College is to “train students to live and die well.” Until last Friday, August 24, we had only known the first part of that statement. Dave Denney, a student since 2006, entered into the presence of the Lord that morning and truly exemplified the truth in our purpose statement. Up until that moment on August 24, he lived well. And when it came to the end, Dave died well.

Dave Denny, sitting in one of the many classes he completed at Eternity.

The last few times I saw Dave,  he had an amazing smile on his face and true peace in his heart. When I asked him how I could pray, he asked that I pray that he would be accepted into his Father’s arms as His true child. I know that he has now experienced the fulfillment of that prayer. He said that when he closed his eyes he would feel the most amazing peace that he had ever felt, and now he is experiencing that peace like never before.

Dave will be missed. He leaves behind a wife, family, and friends; co-laborers in the many ministries he was involved with; fellow students who knew his smiling face. Please be in prayer for Dave’s family and rejoice with us that Dave is face to face with His Father.

May God give all of us the grace to die well.