A year ago, our students created an Art & Music Benefit. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was amazing.

First, it was amazing because it was students taking an interest in their school and playing a part in supporting and advancing the school. I’m talking about 18 to 22 year olds here. This particular age group is not always known for being responsible and setting down the video game controller in order to support a cause. But our students organized the event, created a significant collection of art (making use of a lot of different art forms and styles), gathered songs that they had written, and promoted the event. On the night of the benefit, they performed their songs and sold their art (along with baked goods), and all of the proceeds went to Eternity Bible College. This was hugely encouraging to us because it means that our students are sharing in the sacrifice that is required to make quality higher education affordable.

Second, the benefit was amazing because it was a God-glorifying display of human creativity. God has created this world with near-infinite aesthetic potential and invested human beings with a myriad of creative gifts. When we use our God-given gifts to explore and shape our God-created world, it is a beautiful thing on many levels. (If you want to be convinced of the importance of art, by the way, read through these posts.)

Last year our surrounding community got to see what God-glorifying artistic endeavor looks like. These are Bible college students, mind you. They are studying the Bible, theology, history, missiology, anthropology, philosophy. Then they sprinkle in a few elective units touching on the arts. But it is inspiring to see people who have devoted themselves to knowing God and His truth expressing those incredible realities in creative ways.

And now the invitation.

Our students are putting on another Art & Music Benefit on May 5 at 7pm. It will be hosted in the Cornerstone Church worship center (2080 Winifred St. in Simi Valley). You can come and hear great music, look at and purchase art made by our students, and enjoy some baked goods. You can even make a donation.

Visit the benefit website here.

For those of you who are significantly out of town, we understand if you don’t fly in for the event. But we would appreciate your prayers for our students, our school, and this event. And if you’d like to join in the benefitting spirit and make a donation, you can do that here.

All photos courtesy of B-Loved Photography.


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Mark Beuving currently serves as Associate Pastor at Creekside Church in Rocklin, CA. Prior to going back into pastoral ministry, Mark spent ten years on staff at Eternity Bible College as a Campus Pastor, Dean of Students, and then Associate Professor. Mark now teaches online adjunct for Eternity. He is passionate about building up the body of Christ, training future leaders for the Church, and writing. Though he is interested in many areas of theology and philosophy, Mark is most fascinated with practical theology and exploring the many ways in which the Bible can speak to and transform our world. He is the author of "Resonate: Enjoying God's Gift of Music" and the co-author with Francis Chan of "Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples." Mark lives in Rocklin with his wife and two daughters.