As stated in a previous post, there is much that the church can learn from the Occupy Wall       Street movement. In addition to seeing how incredibly diverse groups can find unity around a common cause; the church can also learn a lot about OWS regarding hope. People around the Globe are desperately seeking hope in all sorts of things. Inevitably, people will seek hope in the thing that is a remedy to whatever is identified as the primary problem. Thus, people who identify the judicial system as the primary problem will find hope in judicial reform. In like fashion, the one who sees lack of healthcare as the primary problem will find hope in healthcare reform. This is true throughout the OWS movement. People are desperately placing their hope in all sorts of things.

So what can the Church learn from this?

The Church has a phenomenal opportunity to speak hope into the lives of people who are in desperate need of it. But, before the church can offer hope to this movement first the church must learn how to listen to these people rather than stand at a distance and mock or condemn. Learn how to engage listen and learn, and then know also how to offer hope amidst the struggle. As a church we can learn how to identify a phenomenal opportunity to offer the hope of Jesus Christ (manifest in a multitude of ways) as the ultimate source of lasting hope.