One thing we try to do at Eternity Bible College is really attempt to be known by what we stand for rather than what we are standing against. Now inevitably there will be times where by standing for something we are inherently in opposition to something else but we try vigilantly to be know by what we are standing for. Our perspective regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement is no different. We recognize that there are a lot of people who are standing in opposition to this movement, but just for a moment I want to take a look at what we can learn from this movement:

The Church needs to recognize the incredible unifying power of a common mission. As was mentioned in a previous post there is an incredible amount of diversity evidenced within the OWS movement, but while many are pointing out how there is a lack of common purpose or common vision, I contend there is a tremendous amount of common mission. These incredibly diverse people are unified around the common goal of discontentment.

So what can the church learn from this?

There is no doubt that the Church today is incredibly diverse, diverse both culturally, doctrinally, financially etc. but just as a common purpose (to vocalize discontentment) has brought unity to very diverse groups in the Occupy Wall Street Movement could a common purpose also unify the incredibly diverse global church? If the Church were to acknowledge differences (as they do in Liberty Square) but also be more committed to the goal/mission than they are about their differences could it be that a truly Global movement could occur within the church? Jesus clearly establishes what that goal/mission/objective is. Matthew 28:19 is clear we are to be about making disciples or Acts 1:8 that we are to be advancing the Gospel throughout the World. That seems to be a mission/goal/objective that is big enough to unify an incredibly diverse group of people.