Our own Dr. Preston Sprinkle authored the forthcoming book Erasing Hell: What God Said About Eternity and the Things We’ve Made Up along with Francis Chan.

The following videos are an interview with Preston about the book. Preston describes the process of writing the book with Francis Chan and explains what the Bible actually says about hell, who the Bible’s warnings about hell are directed toward, and how we should approach this difficult issue.

Erasing Hell is scheduled for release on July 5 from David C. Cook publishing. Pre-order the book here.

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Part 3 of 3


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Mark Beuving currently serves as Associate Pastor at Creekside Church in Rocklin, CA. Prior to going back into pastoral ministry, Mark spent ten years on staff at Eternity Bible College as a Campus Pastor, Dean of Students, and then Associate Professor. Mark now teaches online adjunct for Eternity. He is passionate about building up the body of Christ, training future leaders for the Church, and writing. Though he is interested in many areas of theology and philosophy, Mark is most fascinated with practical theology and exploring the many ways in which the Bible can speak to and transform our world. He is the author of "Resonate: Enjoying God's Gift of Music" and the co-author with Francis Chan of "Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples." Mark lives in Rocklin with his wife and two daughters.